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How to choose SCR dimming power supply manufacturer?

When intelligent lighting becomes a new trend in LED industry, Yongdeng lighting, as a leading enterprise in LED industry in China, has been promoting the development of intelligent lighting and SCR dimming power supply in all aspects.
All dimming lamps of Yongdeng lighting are composed of three parts: lamps, dimming driver and dimming module. The intelligent dimming lamps adopt modular design, which can select different dimming modules according to different dimming methods, without replacing the dimming driver, and without changing the connection between the driver and LED lamp head.
Yongdeng lighting intelligent dimming lamp adopts PWM high precision dimming. Pulse width modulation, by changing the duty cycle of the current pulse at a certain frequency, that is, changing the on-off time of the current, using the delay illusion of the human eye to light, realizes the change of brightness.
PWM dimming has many advantages, does not produce any chromatographic offset, and has a high dimming accuracy. In addition, PWM dimming technology can be combined with digital control technology, even in a large range of dimming, there will be no flicker.
Yongdeng lighting dimming lamps include SCR dimming power supply, dimming downlight bright, bright soft, bright Zhen, dimming spotlight smart, smart hidden, smart small grid, etc. These intelligent dimming lamps can be matched with the intelligent control system independently developed by Yongdeng lighting, and the control mode can be changed in the hotel lobby, meeting room and other places according to the behavior of people or the needs of the site, fully reflecting the technology and humanity.


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