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TRIAC dimmer

  • TRIAC dimmer
TRIAC dimmer

TRIAC dimmer

  • TRIAC dimmer
  • Product description: TRIAC dimmer

Product features and advantages:
● 0-220V SCR dimming, remote control distance of 30 meters
● One loop can be controlled
● Supports one circuit independent or synchronous brightness control
● With the companys SCR power amplifier, power load can be infinitely expanded
● With power failure memory function
● use of glass material, the appearance of fashion beautiful

Electrical parameters
Input voltage: AC85 ~ 265V
Output current: 1A
Output power: 200W
Remote distance: 30 meters
Static power consumption: <1W
Control loop: 1 loop
Dimming range: 0 ~ 100%
Product Size: 86 * 86 * 36.5mm



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