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LED dimming candle

  • Hotel dimming candle
Hotel dimming candle

Hotel dimming candle

  • No flicker
  • long life
  • Product description: Compatible with intelligent dimming system
Product features and advantages:
1. SCR dimming interface, compatible with manual dimmer switch, dimming stable, no flicker, no sloshing of lights;

2. Compatible with all kinds of dimming systems such as: Lutron, Bonzi, Qisheng, ABB, Crestron, Yonglin, etc., dimming stable, no flicker, 0-100% dimming;

3. Dimming effect, dimming curve, dimming darkness far exceeds similar products in the market;

4. Built-in high PF isolation dimming driver, the life is more than 50% longer than similar products;
5. Input voltage AC90-130V and 180-265V optional
6. With output short circuit protection, over power protection, overheat protection function;


8.CE ROHS certification;

9. Three years warranty.

Electrical parameters
Input voltage: AC90-130V /180-265V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Power: 3W 4W 5W

Color temperature: 3000K 4000K 6500K optional

Lamp holder: E14



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